The processĀ 

To make the paper, I cook KOZO, an oriental fiber, in a solution of water and soda ash until the fiber is soft and pulls apart easily. After a thorough rinse, the fiber is bleached. When the fiber has achieved its maximum luster, I rinse it again then beat it “to a pulp”.

Without adding color, KOZO will yield a creamy off-white paper. COLOR! I use LIGHTFAST pigments formulated for papermaking and I LOVE working with color and will try to match to paint or fabric samples.  My papers are archival and the lampshades made from them will outlive silk and styrene-lined commercial shades.
Ordering a Custom Lampshade
Virtually any size or shape lampshade can be created. To order a custom lampshade from an existing lampshade, measure top and bottom diameters and length along the side of the lampshade.  Also indicate the kind of ring used to attach the lampshade to the lamp: clip-on, washer top (harp) or UNO fitting.